14 May 2006

Fall From Height

Safety Incident Topic: Fall From Height
Location Of Incident: Decatur, USA
Date Of Incident: 24th January, 2006

Brief Account Of Incident
Following drum de-coking on Coker III, Coker operations personnel were preparing to close the bottom head of the empty West Coke drum. This preparation required the moveable platform to be mechanically moved away from the East Coke Drum bottom head, and repositioned under the West Coke Drum bottom head. The platform had not traversed its full distance, leaving a large opening over the coke chute. During the course of this platform positioning work, the De-coker Operator stepped off the moveable platform and fell approximately 12 feet onto the coke chute, and ultimately into the production Coke pit.

Refinery emergency responders extracted the employee from the coke pit. He was then transported to the local hospital and has been admitted for treatment. Following medical tests, the initial medical reports have concluded that the employee sustained no serious injuries. He is currently resting comfortably in stable condition and is in very good spirits.

Potential Outcome
Severe injuries including potential for fatality

Likely Causes
. Platform was not completely positioned to cover the opening above the coke chute.
. Visibility constraints due to steam from coke pit.

Actions Taken
. Employee was transported for medical treatment.
. Moveable platform was properly positioned.

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