06 June 2006

Fire Hose Failure

Safety Incident Topic : Fire Hose Failure
Location Of Incident : Polyethylene Malaysia
Date Of Incident : 24th February 2003

Brief Account Of Incident
At approximately 23:45hrs on Sunday 24th February 2003 PEMSB Operation ‘A’ shift started their monthly fire drill. The drill was basically a practice of handling a fire hose. They completed setting up the hoses to the breach and hydrant then started to line up the firewater. After about 5 minutes the Team Leader realized that the water pressure was not very high. He therefore proceeded to the hydrant to increase the opening of the firewater valve. On his way back towards the breach the 2½” hose started snaking for about 10 secs before it separated from the coupling. The hose swung around a radius of approx 10ft for about 15 secs before the firewater isolated by the Team Leader. He was about 5 to 6 meters away from the breach when the hose burst. Upon checking it was found that only the hose was separated while the coupling was still intact to the breach. The binding of the hose was found 10 meters away from the breach. The drill was immediately stopped.

Potential Outcome
Injury to personnel from flying hose or binding

Critical Factors
· Failure of the fire water hose binding
· No checking of the condition of the firewater hose prior to use.

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