02 June 2006

Oil Tank Fire Explosion

Safety Incident Topic: Fire Explosion In Thai Oil
Location Of Incident: Thai Oil
Date Of Incident: Not Known

Brief Account Of Incident
One of the gasoline tanks was overflowed. A security guard detected a strong smell and notified shift control who sent two operators to investigate. They don’t walk but they drive. Say no more, the bang was so big and shock the apartment building in Pattaya about 20kms away.

The fire spread from one tank to 4 others before it was contained and eventually put out by allowing the fuel to completely burn out, over 100,000 litres. There was 8 fatalities and 13 hospitalized with serious injuries. Fortunately it had occurred during silence hours and save over 100 people as admin building, maintenance workshop store and medical center were either completely gutted or severely damaged by the blast.

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