29 August 2007

Crane Incident

Safety Incident Topic: Crane Incident
Location of Incident: Kwinana, Australia
Date of Location: 24 May, 2007

Please detailing an incident at Kwinana a jetties where a crane overbalanced with the boom and load landing on a sampling shed and a pipe rack. The crane driver suffered minor bruising to his right knee in the incident. The crane has been fully secured in place pending the incident investigation and an expert study to determine the appropriate recovery plan. A minor quantity or diesel leaked from the fuel tank but this was captured in a drip tray and recovered. There was no loss of containment from any of the lines impacted. At this time, a full investigation is underway with the findings and the lessons learned to be shared when available.

Brief Account of Incident
At about 1050 on the 24th May a 25 tonne all terrain crane being used to locate scaffold planks on number three jetty overbalanced and the boom came to rest across a sample shed and the pipe rack to the Jetty “T” head. Number three jetty “T” head is the primary Crude unloading jetty.

Potential Outcome
Investigation is underway and will identify the causes

Action Taken
The crane has been stabilized and locked in position preventing any further movement, the area barricaded. Lines to and from the jetty have been valve isolated. Spill trays are in place to prevent any spillage of fuel from the crane fuel tank. Inspection of pipe work and cabling show no damage which could result in a spill.

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