12 May 2006

Malaysia Road Incident

Safety Incident Topic: Malaysia Road Incident
Location Of Incident: Kuala Selangor-Teluk Intan trunk road
Date Of Incident: 21 May, 2005

Brief Account Of Incident
On 21st of May 2005 at about 1220 hrs, a laden BP Contractor road tanker on the way to deliver product to Telok Intan retail site 160km north of the terminal met with an accident with a motorcycle at 100km north of the terminal.

Sadly the 67-yr-old motorcyclist died at the hospital and there was no injury to the road tanker driver. The road tanker was escorted by the police to discharge product at the nearest retail station. The road tanker is now detained at the police station for further investigation. BP response team is already at the site to provide assistance to the driver and the police.

At the time of this reporting there was no media exposure of this accident.

An investigation team will be put together to find out the root causes of the accident after discussion with the segment HSSE VP.

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