12 May 2006

My Company Policy Toward Health, Safety And Environmental

My Company Policy Toward Health, Safety And Environmental (HSE)

Everybody who works for company responsible for getting HSE right. Good HSE performance and the health, safety and security of everyone who works for us are critical to the success of company.

Our goals are aligned with those of company worldwide - no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment.

We will strive for excellence in safety, health and environmental protection, and in biodiversity. We will produce a quality product that can be used safely by our customers.

To achieve these, we will continuously:
· Consult, listen and respond openly to our customers, employees, neighbours, public interest groups and those who work with us;

· Identify and assess all related issues to our plant operation and the distribution of our product by means of recognized methods.

· Ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the company and local authorities, with state and federal laws, and will apply the best codes of practices as far as is practicable.

· Provide training for competency to manage the system efficiently, educate all employees to instil awareness and ensure adherence to policy and procedures.

· Openly report our performance, good and bad and recognise those who contribute to improve HSE performance.

Our business plan includes measurable HSE targets, which we are all committed to meet. Our responsibility to manage Plant Operations, HSE and Emergency Response is not only for our own benefit but equally for that of our neighbouring plants and community.

My Personal Safety Action Plan

· I will take action with every 'unsafe act and unsafe condition (SUSA)' and record them in the SUSA form.

· I will wear a suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during handling chemical

· I will ask my friend if I do not understand before doing my job.

. I will participate in every Safety Talk event.

. I will ensure safety is the first priority in plant operation.

. I will follow safety procedure before doing my job.

. I will carry out plant housekeeping end of the shift.

. I will be a defensive driver and will not using mobile phone while driving.

. As a Permit Issuer I will ensure that on site preparation is done before issuing the permit

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